Sunday, 20 May 2007

Tom Today

I went from Abbevile about one of the clocke the same day, and came about eight of the clocke in the evening to a country village in Picardy called Picquigny, fourteene miles there hence distant. Most of the country betwixt these places is exceeding fertill, having as faire meadows, and fruitful corne fields as I saw in all France. After I had traveled sixe of those fourteen miles, I overtook a certaine Frier, attired in white habites, whose name was Carolus Wimier: I walked with him as far as Picquigny: he was Ordinus Praemonstratensis, a young man of the age of two and twenty years, and a pretty Latinist: he went to Amiens to be fully confirmed in his Orders by the Bishop of Amiens. I found him a very good fellow and sociable in his discourses; for he and I were so familiar, that we entered into many speeches of divers matters, especially of Religion, wherein the chiefest matter that we handled was about the adoration of Images.

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