Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Pimpernel Poet of the British Library

Almost as soon as Vera Frankl finished editing The Best Read Office, our programme about the readers at the British Library, I was back at my Humanities One desk being asked by the woman opposite me if I had written the poem left on her desk whilst she took a break. I hadn't.

But someone had.

Now, more evidence: a reader (well known) from Rare Books privately tweets today - what about the Rogue Sonnet Flirt?

Her poem was about a part of her anatomy, said to be rather good; it too was left on her desk while she was absent. Perhaps if we are lucky we may one day see it. So today I begin my investigation of the Rogue Sonnet Flirt. A.K.A



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Anonymous said...

This also happened to me: a rather saucy poem about how my bottom was rather nice!